The Technology

How TWMS/metals works

TWMS/metals is the backbone of numerous implemented large-scale production and material handling solutions – it is the place where all information and data come together and where this data is processed to trigger actions. To achieve this, TWMS/metals communicates with the different data systems in place in the mill ... from the production planning system to the basic automation system.

TWMS/metals is embedded between the sensor systems level and the level of ERP and MES. Unlike higher-level systems, TWMS/metals directly processes the data transmitted from sensors, e.g. on cranes or vehicles, and sends signals to the control systems of the transport equipment.

Always up to the second – using sensor data effectively

TWMS/metals receives and processes measured values and signals from sensing equipment, such as distance gauges, encoders or load cells, as well as status information from material tracking systems.

Closely linked – through external interfaces

TWMS/metals is usually linked with the mill’s MES, ERP or material handling systems as well as with level 1/level 2 automation systems.

From those systems, TWMS/metals extracts material and planning data, e.g. production sequences, relevant for the production process and, in turn, feeds back information about changing circumstances.

Reliable and scalable – the architecture

TWMS/metals provides all benefits of a standard software, while being easily customizable to meet the specific mill requirements.

3tn uses a service-oriented architecture (SOA): Through the possibility of using several (virtual) servers and distributing tasks among various server processes, TWMS/metals provides outstanding availability and excellent ease of maintenance. A software update in one area of the system or disturbance in a subsystem will not affect the functionality of the rest of the system.

Moreover, the system can be scaled up whenever needed. It grows with the customer’s requirements, for example, from a shop solution to an integrated network solution handling all storage and transport activities in the mill.