The Benefits

What you get from TWMS/metals


TWMS/metals manages the transport and storage activities centrally and traces all movements within the storage area automatically and online. This ensures that the available data corresponds at all times with the actual storage situation.

As a result, the operator always has an accurate overview of the stored products, making planning a lot more reliable.


TWMS/metals reduces the number of storage and transport operations and optimizes the use of the transport equipment. It avoids unnecessary shifting operations and the associated risk of damage.

The result: storing items and removing them from the store takes less time, the number of transport activities is reduced.

With TWMS/metals, the crane operators can work more efficiently and more precisely. While operating the crane, they see “live” from their perspective the situation below them. This allows them to place the load exactly where it should go. Less directing of the crane driver with hand signals will be required, if any.

And, as a positive side effect, the system reduces the tracing effort to virtually zero.


In order to find the most suitable storage position for a coil, TWMS/metals takes into account details such as the force vectors acting on the coil racks. This guarantees that storage of a coil in the desired position will always be safe and stable.

The automation of operations and processes also enhances work safety. It is no longer necessary for the mill staff to enter the storage area to mark any slabs, coil or plates, read their markings or search any items.

Product quality

The system optimizes multi-layer storage taking into account all applicable product requirements and storage restrictions. Every product will be stored in the best suitable position while preventing it from being damaged as a result of improper storage. The consequential costs from product damage are reliably avoided.

Thanks to its anticipatory approach, TWMS/metals is able to avoid any imminent damage of stored items. For example, if a crane operator is about to approach an unsuitable storage place, he will instantly receive a warning message.


Operation of the software is intuitive. The current storage situation is visualized very realistically. Also operators without prior computer experience get soon accustomed to the new practice.

The system is well accepted by the operators – a key requirement for the success of your project.

A safe future-oriented investment

The system is highly parameterizable and scalable. These characteristics make it easily adaptable to changing conditions and expandable to meet growing customer requirements. Many of our customers who started out with a single system have meanwhile gradually expanded it to cover their entire operations.