TWMS/metals is our standard software for the metals industry:
The system optimizes multi-layer slab, coil and plate storage taking into account all applicable product requirements and storage restrictions. The system avoids unnecessary shifting operations - and the associated risk of damage – while speeding up overall logistics. At the same time it maximizes the use of your storage space and improves safety at work.

Maximizing the use of your storage capacity,
minimizing transport movements

The technical warehouse management system TWMS/metals controls and visualizes transport and storage activities in steel and rolling mills and in steel service centers - from continuous casting down to the loading of the finished products on trucks or trains. It guarantees full exploitation of storage capacities – shop-wide, mill-wide or even works-wide – and makes most efficient use of your transport means, such as lifting cranes and cross transfer equipment.

We have developed TWMS/metals specifically for the metals industry. It is designed to handle all types of semi-finished products, transport and handling equipment and storage techniques common in the metals process chain.



Challenges in the slab yard

Strip coils

The optimal storage place


A plate mill has its own rules



Strip coils and coiled slit strip


Transport equipment:

  • Cranes

  • Coil lifting trucks

  • Cross transfer equipment

  • Chain conveyors

  • Shuttle systems

  • Stackers

Storage techniques:

  • Manual or automatic transports
  • Fully automatically operated warehouse

Optimal transport and storage

Taking into account the number and type of items to be transported and the current storage situation, TWMS/metals determines the optimal storage places within individual production shops or across complete works, and generates the pertaining transport orders fully automatically.

Apart from the current situation in the storage areas, it considers priorities and restrictions such as:

> Which item is to be stored where?
> Is the storage location adequate for the specific item?
> May an item be stacked on top of another one?

TWMS/metals plans the routes, taking into account incidents such as temporary blocking of transport equipment or of transport routes.

In the one direction, it communicates with ERP and MES systems and, in the other, with the basic automation system and data from the sensors.

If used with tablet PCs or hand-held terminals, TWMS/metals becomes mobile and suitable for use by crane and vehicle operators.

With a view to Industry 4.0 and digitalization, also in the production and processing of semis the networking and interlinking of information along the entire process chain has and will become increasingly important. We respond to this trend by providing solutions for efficient shop- or mill-wide warehouse and transport management systems and even fully automatic crane operation and optimization of transports between several works.

Thomas Niepmann, Geschäftsführer 3tn Industriesoftware Thomas Niepmann 3tn Industriesoftware

Why are semi-finished products in the metals industry particularly challenging?

Storing slabs, coils and plates as efficiently as possible has always been a challenging endeavor in the steel and aluminum industries.

Product storage and handling are much more complicated than in other sectors or, for example, in high-bay stores. Slabs and coils – often of different sizes – have to be stacked on top of each other. This requires numerous parameters to be observed, for instance, the condition of the product surface and the product weights, all of which determine the forces acting on the stored items and on the equipment and the sinking depths.

Additionally, various restrictions have to be taken into account in order to find the best suited storage position for each individual stored product.

We have developed TWMS/metals specifically for the requirements of the metals industry.

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