What are rule books?

A central element of TWMS/metals are the rule books in which the specific parameters and restrictions for the transport and storage of the individual items are defined. The rules are formulated taking into account the material properties, customer specifications and production planning requirements.

They are freely parameterizable and restrictions or priorities can be modified and extended at any time as desired.

Rules may read as follows:

“IF an item is to be dispatched during the next few hours, THEN it will be stored near the closest loading station.”

During the installation of the system in the mill environment, the practice-proven core modules are adapted to the specific local conditions or expanded as desired. Whether rolling mills or finishing areas, slabs or coils, cranes or coil ferries – these and many more elements are already pre-installed in the system ready to be configured for the task on hand.

TWMS/metals is easily adaptable: We know that operations in mills are subject to frequent change: production processes are constantly improved, storage rules refined, the material flow optimized, a new line started up, or a storage area may become temporarily unavailable. TWMN/metals can be easily adapted to changing conditions via interactive editors with intuitive user guidance so that no external support is required.

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