Managing logistics and warehousing

Efficient transport and storage processes in the metals industry

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Specialists in optimizing transport and storage of slabs, coils and plates.

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 Warehouse Management with TWMS/metals

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Optimize the utilization of your transport and storage resources

Our TWMS/metals warehouse management system stores your items smartly and exploits the full potential of your storage capacities. It optimizes crane movements, avoids unnecessary shifting operations - and the associated risk of damaging any stored material – while speeding up overall transport activities. Beyond that, it creates process transparency and makes your operating environment safer
… bay-wide, mill-wide and works-wide.



the processes of the metals industry.


storage and transport activities.


a realistic, up-to-the-second 3D image of the storage situation and the use of your warehouse capacity.


your products from damage.


to your specific requirements.


with your needs.

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