How does TWMS/metals control coil storage?

The optimal storage position of a coil depends on a number of aspects, for example, on the available space, the structural and mechanical parameters of the coil rack and on whether the properties of the coils already in the rack would allow another coil to be placed on top of them.

In order to find the most suitable storage position for a coil, TWMS/metals in each case calculates the force vectors that would act on the coil racks. This guarantees that storage of a coil in the desired position will always be safe and stable.

TWMS/metals supports all transport equipment typically in use in a coil yard, for example:

  • Cranes
  • Coil lifting trucks
  • Coil ferries
  • Chain conveyors …

We acquire the current position of the transport equipment by different systems to best suit the situation, for example, by means of radar or by laser sensors.

In steel service centers the variety of products is of course greater and the lot sizes smaller than in rolling mills. But thanks to its scalable architecture, TWMS/metals can also reliably handle such conditions

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